Why pay for professional senior photos in this day and age? Class of 2018

The big question in 2017 is why should we pay for our kiddo to get their senior photos taken by a professional when we have a good camera or even the newest iPhone?  Well...we have a few great reasons to consider.  

First and foremost is that this is a time in every senior's life that parents should want to document for long term value.  Yes you could snap a few pics in the park with the iPhone, slap it on facebook, and a couple years from now possibly get that "facebook memory" post to take another gander....but lets be honest.  Digital photos are taken and stored somewhere deep in your phone, in the cloud, or on the hard drive of your computer.

Second is a professional photographer has the best equipment ranging from not only cameras but keep in mind the lenses, lights, training, and knowledge.  This may ruffle a few feathers but when someone says they are a "natural light photographer" that is a unique way to say "I just have a camera."  We have lighting systems to provide unique and creative shots no matter what time of day or the location.  We can make the ordinary extraordinary.

We have a full line up of products and features to make your photos pop

We have a full line up of products and features to make your photos pop

Finally is the product.  As mentioned with the "strictly digital age" we take an image and look at it then it is stored somewhere.  A professional photography company provides a wide range of final products which include (but not limited to) albums, amazing wall art, shadow boxes, etc.  A professional will turn an image into a work of art that is to be displayed with pride in the homes of their customers.

H&R Photography would love to be able to provide you with an amazing senior photography experience to document this amazing achievement in your life.  Contact us up top there or call us at 765-438-8630.

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