Thank you for stopping by H&R Photography's little home on the Internet.  We are Heather and Rob (H&R) and are excited that you may be thinking about us for your next photography need.  Whether you have a baseball league with 800+ little Hank Aarons or you are planning the wedding of your dreams...we would be excited to have the opportunity to work for you.  You can look around the site and see our we wanted to introduce ourselves.  Through our experience in photography, we have had so many amazing opportunities to not only provide amazing imagery....we have made so many lasting friendships.  Here is a little about us.....


Heather is a graduate of Peru High School and Ball State University.  She is an amazing mother of two, huge University of Kentucky fan, avid watcher of Days of Our Lives, and loves getting down with a good jig saw puzzle during her free time (about three minutes a week it seems like).  


Rob is a graduate of Elwood Community High School and Purdue University.  Also, a little conflict is that he is (and always will be) a die-hard Indiana University fan.  He became a Boilermaker because they "made a deal he couldn't refuse."  Everywhere he lived in West Lafayette he proudly hung his IU flag.  Rob is hooked on Shark Tank and any DIY show there is.  With Heather being a huge UK fan you could definitely say they are a house divided.

As a team, Heather and Rob have had the opportunity to shoot almost 200 weddings as of the end of 2015 and an estimated 100,000 young athletes around the state with their youth sports photography program.  Add countless family, newborn, and portrait sessions....they have spent more than their fair share of time behind the camera.



Q:  What do you feel separates you from many photographers out there?

A:  First of all, there are so many amazing photographers out there and we don't look at others as competition.  Just like any artist, everyone has a particular skill set and perspective.  We don't get offended if our style doesn't match a potential client's taste.  We feel like the largest thing that separates us in many cases is how we treat our clients.  We love to have fun, deliver an amazing service, and ultimately a top-of-the-line product.  We have poured our heart and soul into our company and we believe it shows.

Q:  How did you two meet?

A:  We were both teachers at Kokomo High School and met there.  We knew pretty much right away that we wanted to spend our lives together and were married by the end of the school year.  Ten years later we could not be happier.  We have two amazing children and amazing lives together.  We truly feel that we are great fit for each other.  

Q:  What advice would you give up and coming photographers?

A:  Create your own style, work tirelessly, and don't be afraid to fail!  If you don't push your limits and continue to learn you will continue to be left behind.  The old saying "If you are not working hard someone else is" definitely applies to our industry just as it does in all walks of life.