Why hire a professional company for your wedding?

We just finished going to a great wedding show this past weekend in Kokomo, Indiana at Elite Banquet & Conference Center hosted by Z92.5.  We met with so many amazing and excited brides.  We know that the match between a photographer and a couple is paramount to have a great experience and this gives the couples an awesome chance to see if personalities are just that.  One question we got this past weekend (and get at most bridal shows) is why do we need a wedding photographer because (insert relative or friend's name here) has a nice camera.  There really can't be that much to it...it is just photography.  When thinking about this for your wedding think about the following thoughts and analogies:

My friend or relative has a nice camera...that's enough right?

Just having a "good" camera is the extreme basics of what is needed to capture a wedding.  When a professional company comes to shoot your wedding (whether us or someone else) they should have a wide range of camera bodies, lenses, lighting equipment, and other accessories like light meters.  I like to equate this with the analogy that I could purchase an amazing guitar but if I can't play it like James Taylor or Dave Matthews it is just a really cool guitar.  With today's high end cameras there is a huge learning curve to making it produce amazing images.  This includes being able to adjust on the fly with changing light needs  and desired image look.  Just having a cool camera doesn't mean a whole lot unless you know how to use it like a top-notch musician would play an instrument.

What about post production?

One thing that sets us apart from many is our ability to produce your final, high-end images in quick fashion.  We ALWAYS have a wedding edited and in the client's hands within a week because we have the experience, software, and drive to focus on your wedding.  We are able to produce a polished and beautiful wedding package because we have invested thousands of hours in editing and delivering packages to our clients.

Experience counts!

After shooting over 200 weddings, we have a "sixth sense" as to how the wedding develops and moves.  We know where to be and exactly what to capture to tell the story of your wedding day.  When we are done, we will "tell your story through images."  You can not underestimate the value of experience.  When we look at weddings we shot ten years ago it is amazing how long we have come and we strive to get better wedding by wedding.

These are just a few thoughts on why it is so important to put wedding photography up on the priority list for shooting weddings.  Happy planning and we hope to hear from you!

Heather and Rob

H&R Photography

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