Aerial Photography - Great addition or just a fad? (poll)

We are thinking about adding (what I think) is an awesome piece of equipment to our studio.  A Dji Phantom Quad Aerial Camera.  We think it will add such an awesome element to our services by providing amazing images from angles in the air we could not possible get otherwise.  We wanted to know if that is a service you would like and one that might make you decide to use one company over the next.  We are definitely excited about the possibilities of this new equipment; however, it is a hefty investment and want to make sure we are adding a useful tool to our arsenal and not just a toy.  If you don't mind, take the quick survey below and let us know what you think about it?

Worthy addition? *
Worthy addition?
I would love if my photographer had this tool
Seems kind of neat but not a big deal to me
I would not want this used to capture my images
Rob LeavittComment