We have become one of the largest and fastest-growing independent athletic photography companies in Indiana for one reason.  We provide a great product which is an amazing and quick fundraiser for your school, league, or team.  

When you allow us the privilege to shoot for you we provide a package which is second to none.  Here are some of the key perks of our program:

  • We will sponsor a team in your league

  • We can bring up to six photographers to make your photo day go smoothly! We can shoot a league of around 1,000 athletes in approximately 5-6 hours.

  • We will donate up to 15% of gross sales back to you (requires a multi-year contract)

  • We will provide free custom designed oak sponsor plaques for free (one per team)

  • All of your products are custom designed for your league

  • You will have all of your photos back within one week of the shoot (restrictions apply in certain circumstances)

  • Every coach will receive a free team photo for their commitment to your league

  • Full-service online ordering options (before and after photo day)

  • Green screen studio - not sure about weather or just want a really cool product - let us use our green screen portable studio

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treat your sponsors to a nice plaque - on us

treat your sponsors to a nice plaque - on us

Green screen for all seasons

Green screen for all seasons