We are excited to shoot your wedding and it will be here before you know it.  We are now doing our final consultation online because we found that our brides and grooms are so busy that this is the best method to make it easier on all involved.  Please take a few minutes to fill out this information guide and we will put together a timeline for your day.  As always, the timeline is a working document so if you have any changes along the way it can be easily changed.  Thank you again for letting us share your amazing day with you!

Bride's Name *
Bride's Name
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Groom's Name
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Wedding Date
Wedding Date
Wedding Party information
Please list the bridesmaids' names and which one(s) are the Maid of Honor
Please list the groomsmen's names and which one(s) are the Best Man
Please list the names and ages
If you have any special members of the wedding party or any other miscellaneous information you would like to share please do
Please list any family members who you would like to have in formal photos. Remember that the time for family photos is usually pretty limited so be careful about listing Aunt Suzy who you have not seen in four years :)
Again, attempt to keep it to immediate family who you are closest to
Are there any guests whom you would like to have formal photos with which are not listed above?
Venue's Address
Venue's Address
If you don't have this available we can look it up
Wedding Time *
Wedding Time
What time will you arrive at the venue?
What time will you arrive at the venue?
Ballpark time is fine
Reception address
Reception address
Again, if you don't have this available we can look it up.
Please share something fun for your personal website. Some things to think about here are how you met, how he proposed, any funny story of you two, or any other fun facts you would like to share.
Are you going to see each other before the wedding?
If you are registered anywhere please list where below. We will put a link to your registries on your custom website.